About us

Accountability of representation

Aucklanders need a responsible voice to provide accurate representation when communicating what they want and what should be done. We believe this voice must be transparent, diverse, and representative of the broader community to prevent assumptions regarding the needs and requirements of minority cultures within our community. In essence, we want a greater appreciation of representation from the multicultural community that comprises the more significant population of the Auckland demographic.

To do so, we want to ensure more excellent public consultation before making a decision. Transparent communication and regular updates with constituents should be a natural and essential element of any decision-making process. We embrace Auckland's rich and diverse culture and celebrate, invite, and engage with our multicultural community. We pride ourselves on being independent and representing local voices and aim to unite and support all communities.

Responsible governance

Auckland (Tamaki Makaurau) needs to move forward. We need to spend on well-negotiated priorities with meaningful control adequately. We will conduct a comprehensive review of current governance models and legislation. We want to prioritise spending and structuring realistic property rate allocations to provide for improvements to security and local infrastructure. We will rein in and monitor spending and ensure we have appropriate, accurate budget forecasts. In doing so, we provide regular updates to keep the community aware of the responsibilities and commitments we are willing to take.

We aim to improve water management and invest in Auckland's water storage, stormwater management, and wastewater separation. We support taxpayer control over local water assets. We can effectively respond to security risks in Auckland. We will develop appropriate prevention plans, monitor the right public places, and actively cooperate with our local enforcement, the New Zealand Police.

Opportunity for all

We will create more investment opportunities and partnerships to retain talented young people. We will develop a series of effective policies to attract, motivate, and retain talent. Our goal is to support local businesses so they can survive or continue to survive the global pandemic. Providing a wide range of resources and tools will help businesses thrive and become stronger. We want to make Auckland attractive to domestic and international tourists by offering free public transport (free bikes and electric cars in central Auckland). We want Auckland to move again.

Housing acceleration

The housing crisis has caused incredible frustration amongst Aucklanders who live and contribute to their local communities. We will improve the efficiency of the Code of Compliance process and seek to reduce installation fees required for utility equipment (e.g., water meters). We will speed up housing construction and renovation, lower building costs, and effectively manage and control the housing prices at a local government level in Auckland. We will investigate what causes homelessness and work with responsible local and central government support agencies to provide placement and rehabilitation services for our homeless so they can contribute to our communities again. We want first-home buyers to be able to access affordable housing like other Aucklanders


Actions speak louder than words and retaining Auckland's dominant place in the world as a beautiful place to live with our vision to create a safer world-class city that empowers, promotes, and prospers all members of each diverse community comprising the general demographic is our ultimate goal.

Once rated as the world's second-most livable city, it fell to 34th place this year. We will take urgent action to make Auckland great again.

We will be accountable to the representative.

We will stand for responsible governance.

We will support equal opportunity.

We will care about housing, homelessness, and community safety.

We will be the action.