Vote Honghu

We want the responsibility to represent our communities so that voices are heard. We want all voices heard in local government, and we need diverse representation that will cater to diversity and better communicate the needs and wants specific to our communities with a greater appreciation of all minority cultures. We will share those needs by being transparent, diverse, and understanding of minority cultures' needs within our multicultural community because we are the demographic we represent—and we want and know what is required to make our voices heard.

We will ensure the greater good of all our communities in Tamaki Makaurau by providing
(a) better transport,
(b) better security, and
(c) better infrastructure.

We will resolve the housing issues by
(a) providing greater access to affordable housing,
(b) improving the code of compliance process's efficiency, and
(c) reducing unnecessary and unreasonable costs, such as water meter installation fees.

We will ensure this occurs by offering responsible governance, which will
(a) provide us greater control over local government spending to prevent the need for rate increases,
(b) attract more tenants for Auckland, and
(c) attract more income-generating projects.

We want to see Auckland return to its optimal state as a safe, happy, healthy global city with Aroha.